by Luigi Fabbri



The purpose of this website is to contribute to the historical and technical knowledge related to the equipment that has allowed humans to operate underwater without constraints to the surface, finally free to move towards the discovery of the sixth continent.

► The equipment of the early decades of this era are now entitled to become part of a new chapter of history which needs to be known and preserved. Greatly unknown to today’s divers, the diving equipment of that exciting period will gradually be shown and described in these pages, trying to satisfy the curiosity of most and the specific requirements of those who study and gather information with great dedication.

► The site <blutimescubahistory.com> does not want to be the simple showcase of the historical collections and documentation of those who founded it; on the contrary, it is proposed as an "open" web space, available to anyone who wishes to contribute to the dissemination of knowledge about to diving, from its origins to the modern era.

► To be present on the site with equipment, documents or images in one's possession and not already published here, it is enough to send an e-mail to the address <info@blutimescubahistory.com> specifying what it is. Some photographs and technical-historical information we are aware of, will be requested. In the technical data sheets of what is published, the origin must be shown, while by no means the product is to be sent.

► The contents of the site can be used and downloaded by anyone, we only ask the kindness, in case of public use, to mention the source.

► The ordering of this site is shown in the Museum menu.