Autonomous diving, free of links with surface effectively became so when three technical innovations summed: fins (De Corlieu patent of 1933), single-lens mask so, coplanar vision (Monogoggle Kramarenko patent of 1935), automatic regulator with free mouthpiece (CG45 of Cousteau-Gagnan of 1946).

"Historic equipment" is defined as to be dated from autonomous diving origin until 1980. "Vintage equipment" must have at least 25 years of age. 1980 is taken as a fixed reference year, because if represents the limit period between spontaneous/artisan and industrialized diving, above all between self-manned diving and the spread of diving centers, between the old-school training agencies and those of American origin.
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Mas is the Diving activity Museum – Italian acronym of Museo delle Attività Subacquee of Hds Italy, presented and illustrated in these pages.