Submitted by LuigiFabbri on Fri, 03/01/2024 - 12:32

Manufacturers tried to produce fins in all colors to surprise, amaze and be unique. From white to black through red, dark or light blue, camouflage for sea hunters, pink to compliment lady divers. However, we never saw them golden before those dazzling presented in 1979 by U.S. Divers Aqualung which had the only value to remain uncopied since then.


My dear American friends, we are not talking about one of those showy products that American people like so much, since U.S. Divers Aqualung proposed them in the Japanese market. In fact, for what we know, they are present solely in the catalogue edited that year for Japan, written in Japanese language.
These are standard Rocket fins in the market since 1970, with adjustable strap with close foot pocket and a large 3-channel paddle similar to the famous Jetfin of Beuchat born in 1964. What’s new is only the color that, surely, it doesn't go unnoticed ……it is slightly kitsch.