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It was a simple idea: to have a device for a quick use to dive for some minutes in the bottom during a surface fin swim, without engaging in free diving performances. So, in 1954, the Snorkair of Healthways appeared which allowed to swift from snorkel to breathing air supplied by a small bottle positioned in the chest with an easy harness.


The bottle was equipped with a mouthpiece positioned on top of the valves and a snorkel, made with a rigid hose with normal valve to prevent water entry. The hose was inserted in a pressure reducer probably with manual control, such as the "Emergency Device" proposed by the Italian Salvas 10 years later.
The hose had a junction which allowed to position it upwards in snorkel position, or to fold it parallel to the bottle when the intention to dive began.



This last position made it close, automatically connecting the mouthpiece to the reducer, allowing to breath air coming from the bottle.
It was possible to refill the cylinder by decanting, using the special fitting supplied.