Submitted by LuigiFabbri on Fri, 12/02/2022 - 12:27

All we have is an illustrated sheet with drawings and descriptions of five different spear guns, the name, an address in Genoa where today live people who offer everything but nothing that resembles what they are looking for. Max Perugia found the sheet in his hands, yellowed and a bit battered, rummaging in his incredible mine of vintage diving equipment collected in dozens of boxes.
Do you know him? he asked me. No, I didn't know anything about it, another artisan-inventor protagonist of the golden age in which diving continued to invent itself every day, unfortunately forgotten by the news, by history. We would like to know more, if anyone has information we will gladly publish it. 


How do you leave in oblivion a character who produced both normal and very special rifles? The first one depicted, the Z-11, is for hunting from a boat or a dock, aiming the fish through the telescope after having immersed the initial part of the rod.
3.75 meters long and divisible for transport, it anticipated the sophisticated Japanese-American Suwa Scope Arrow born in 1974 by at least twenty years.
Two simple spring spear guns follow, the H-4 and H.5 1.50 and 1.80 long with a reel, then the H-6 with a 2 meter long power reducer.
Finally, the Z-12, a 2-meter double barrel spear gun that certainly precedes the famous Zangi brace of 1961 by a long time.
We don't know anything else about Renato Pizzutti, if not his old address in Vico Carlone, 35 / red - Genoa - Italy.