Submitted by LuigiFabbri on Mon, 01/01/2024 - 17:10

A small mystery. Two Scubapro second stages, extremely rare and never seen in the company international catalogues thus manufactured and sold. Sold only in Japan; why so? They were acquired by Alfonso Gangemi and, immediately, he immediately he looked for finding out something, a patient search that, at a certain point, revealed the mystery contained in both.


The model with the yellow cap is clearly a S/600 model with several changes, besides its original color. Some parts in titanium, as the double writing next to the brand underlines, the famous "S" here modified in its upper part. A mannerism that makes the piece exclusive at first sight. These sophistications were required by a once a wealthy Japanese importer who wanted to offer his demanding customers something unique; so, he asked Scubapro to produce a small series of 2.000 units exclusively for him. He coupled this second stage to the Mk20 first stage, always in titanium and he marketed in Japan at a cosmic price with the name "Splendio".


The story of the other model, with the perforated cap, is simpler. In 1998 the country of the Rising Sun was in full expansion and there was a high request of particular things; therefore, Scubapro decided to follow this trend by offering something reserved for that market. A regulator was born also in this case with the Mk 20 first stage and a balanced second stage with a truly unmistakable cap, with the wide central zone around the classic "S" completely perforated. Its production lasted only one year and it was not extended somewhere else, probably because of the similarity with the Ruby, Mares' flagship regulator presented the previous year.