SIEBE GORMAN - Two nice ballast belts

Submitted by LuigiFabbri on Sun, 10/01/2023 - 17:30

Siebe Gorman is a brand that made professional/surface-supplied divers’ history and knew how to progressively migrate its big experience in the recreational and autonomous diving, keeping unchanged its technological levels.
We find this confirmation in its 1958 catalogue, where they presented their new products for the surface-supplied divers’ sector and recreational divers’ first gear, always interpreted at professional level. Here are proposed the first diving self-breathing apparatus under the "Essgee" brand, the asymmetric fins and a beautiful ballast belt, very modern if we compare it to the large weights hanged with rope in the surface-supplied diver suits.


It is a ballast with leather pocket supported by a harness system with fabric adjustable straps. The semi-cylindrical pockets contain one weight each with the same shape, held by a sturdy leather strap with eccentric closure. This allows to set with precision the quantity of weights needed based on each person’s requirements.


For sport divers, instead, it was forecasted for two years a weight belt similar to the current ones, simple but very accurate in its details. Weights are slip-on, closed at the back and with a horizontal opening at the front, while the closure is quick release, equipped with a safety device against accidental opening.