At the end of 1950, the age of pioneers is almost finished, diving is moving into a new season, where scientific progress and technology leave less space to the myths of the past. In this scenario, Technisub fits perfectly with its compass and fish logo, symbol of technique applied to the sea devices, that speaks by itself. It was founded by Luigi Ferraro in Genoa, in October 1962 together with his son Italo, Carlos Reinberg and Paolo Ruggero.

Luigi Ferraro

Ferraro joined the Gamma team of X Mas; he came back from war with honors for his isolated actions of Navy seal, for which he was decorated with the Gold Medal for Military Valour. At the end of 1940, he begins to cooperate with Egidio Cressi and, shortly, the Pinocchio revolutionary mask and the even more innovative Rondine fins are born from his genius. These credentials allow Technisub to conquer immediately the trust of the market and, in the following decade, it presents a series of very original products: Caravelle fins with detachable blade, the boot to walk on rocks, Jaguar gun completely dismountable by hand, Sirio light, precursor of Vega. At the beginning of the ‘70s, it is the turn of the Raid streamlined double tank system, followed by the new cyclic oxygen rebreather and the Inject regulator on “offer”, based on the Venturi effect and with the injection setting command, all of this inexistent until this time.
The headquarter transfers then to its historic address in Kennedy square, near the sea while Ferraro’s friendship with Jean-Jacques Cousteau brings to a close cooperation with Spirotechnique, and Technisub becomes its exclusive dealer in Italy.
During the years, La Spirotechnique, which will than become Aqua Lung, obtains the control of Technisub. In 1982, Luigi Ferraro retires, and Aqua Lung appoints his son Paolo as President, which manages it for the next 25 years, bringing it to the current size and importance and diversifying its production, by creating the Aqua Sphere division, dedicated to swimming. 
The current headquarter is in via Gualco 42 in Genoa.